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— 1859 — Celebrating Over 150 Years Of Masonic Fellowship —

General Information on Masons and the Masonic Fraternity
What Is Freemasonry and Who Are The Masons?

Masons (Freemasons) are members of the largest and oldest fraternity in the world, and even though almost everyone has a male relative who was a Mason, many people are not quite certain just who Masons are. A fraternity is a group of men (just as a sorority is a group of women) who join together because they want to do things to make improvements in the world as well as things they want to do "inside their own minds".
There are more than two million Freemasons in North America. Masons represent virtually every occupation and profession, come from diverse political ideologies, and from varied religious beliefs and creeds, yet all believe in one Supreme Being. Masons are men who have decided to care about the future as well as the past, and does what he can, both alone and with others, to make the future good for everyone.
Freemasonry is the oldest fraternity in the world. No one knows just how old it is because the actual origins have been lost in time. Possibly, it arose from the guilds of stonemasons who built the castles and cathedrals of the Middle Ages. We do know that in 1717, a formal organization in England was established when the first Grand Lodge was formed.
A Grand Lodge is the administrative body in charge of Masonry in some geographical area. In the United States, there is a Grand Lodge in each state and the District of Columbia. In Canada, there is a Grand Lodge in each province.

Is Masonry a religion?

Masonry are not a religiuos organization. We do believe in a Supreme Being but we do not attempt to convert any man to any one religious belief. Masons believe in the importance of religion. Masonry encourages every Mason to be active in the religion and church of his own choice. Masonry teaches that without religion a man is alone and lost, and that without religion, he can never reach his full potential.
But Freemasonry does not tell a person which religion he should practice or how he should practice it. That is between the individual and his God. That is the function of his house of worship, not his fraternity, and Masonry is a fraternity, not a religion.

Important Masonic Principles Are –
  • Faith must be the center of our lives.
  • All men and women are the children of God.
  • No one has the right to tell another person what he or she must think or believe.
  • Each person has a responsibility to be a good citizen, obeying the law.
  • It is important to work to make the world a better place for all.
  • Honor and integrity are keys to a meaningful life.
So What Qualifications Are Required to Join the Fraternity?

You must petition a local Lodge for memembership and in Kansas you must be a man of good character with a believe in a Supreme Being, be over the age of 18 and have been a resided in the state for at least six months. This resident requirement does not apply to any military service person. If you think you may be interested in becoming a member, you can begin by contacting our Lodge Secretary via email at or speaking to a Mason.


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Lafayette Lodge No. 16
322-A Houston Street
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